The candle is almost out

So, I have 7 days of pharmacy didactic classes left, and 4 exams, 3 of those finals. I think I have finished most everything else….and I should be studying for my final oncology exam next Tuesday, but I have spent a good amount of energy today following the Tour of the Gila, which has famed cyclists such as Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Chris Horner, Taylor Phinney (the wonderkid), and Johan Bruyneel came from Europe to observe his little threesome. The Merckx fam is in effect, and God only knows who else is there. Been on twitter, with my phone blinging all day long. Exciting stuff!

Yeah, I just studied oncology for about 20 minutes. This is the end of 9 years of college classes….and June 1st I start rotations. I am scared shitless, not because of rotations, but because of my living and financial situation. I have no idea how I am  going to handle it all with my daughter and her school,  especially since rotations are full-time jobs.

I just have to keep my candle burning a little longer… but I am setting up my weekend in Silver City. Gonna go hang with some of the best, check out some heinous hills, a cool little town, leave the kid with the folks, and hopefully have a super time!

Gonna finish my Bunny Hop Brew here and head to bed…I have a *date* tomorrow night with my WII. :0)

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