Scott’s coming!!

Yeah, Scott’s coming to live with me, and my bf John isn’t even jealous. He asked me if Scott was hot, and I said that he is a mail-order bf, so I am not sure yet. He seemed hot from the pictures though….. Scott will be living in the back room with Jamis and Vitus, not with me. Wondering why I got another boyfriend? Read on…

My cycling team is CRAZY about Cross, and last year I found myself showing up for team rides wanting to do 4 hours, and my teammates smiled and said, “It’s Cross season. I ain’t doing more than 2!” …..OR, noone would be there. Well, my bf John had his eyes peeled for something in my size, and found a great deal on eBay. I had been looking for a beater bike to ride around downtown, but didn’t know enough about cross bikes to be shopping for one.

Well, Scott seems to fit the bill, and he is on his way. Estimated Date of Arrival- Sept. 10th. Whoo hoo! A little nervous about learning something new, but also excited. There is a park right up the street I can practice in, and my yard is big and full of dirt (although there are lots of goat heads). And maybe I can try and keep up with my teammates if I learn the basics right. Here’s to hoping! It has given me the energy to get back on the bike, despite being completely out of shape now. Will post pics upon his arrival!


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