Thankfully, 3rd time is not always a charm….

Went out for a ride to Mesa Del Sol and back, which includes a handful (nearly) of fairly short hard hills, and on the final 1/2 mile before I hit home, some guy buzzed me, then cut in front of me and proceeded to stop, so I swerved left and nearly got hit by a passing car. It was completely deliberate on his part, and I certainly let the man know how I felt about it with lots of expletives…. thankfully, my gut instinct today was NOT to chase him down. I have done that before.  Maybe one minute later, an SUV pulls out right in front of me, and I don’t know if he saw me or not, but I was yelling WHOAAAA, WHOAAA!!! And he just kept on comin’! Again, nearly got killed by a passing car, or him, but managed to slip by both.

It felt good to make it past the third minute without any mishaps and arrive home safe and sound, and I think that I will avoid that part of town around rush hour…. too much aggression.


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