Emotional Garden

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It’s amazing how life sometimes marches in your door and looks you right in the face.

Trying to juggle rotations, moving, my daughter, and my personal life has been a challenge to say the least, which is why when my vacation month was unexpectedly moved from March to October, I was excited. I needed the break!

At first I thought I would take the time to work on my house, train on my bike, research all the residencies I might be interested in, and perhaps even travel to some of the places I was considering residency. Somehow, that didn’t happen. What happened is that everything I had not taken the time to deal with came up. I had a sudden health issue that forced me to look at my life and how I was living it and where I really wanted to be. I was tired of hustling and always being on the run, and for once I took time to let the day happen as it may. My emotions were everywhere; I was confused; I was scared; and I doubted my path. Little personal issues that I had ignored for too long had been growing, and like weeds they threatened to overtake my “garden”.  garden with path

I am using my time off to weed my emotional garden, to readdress where I am and where I really want to take my future. What is my personal truth? What do I truly need and want in my life? I am not talking only about pharmacy, although that is prominent on my mind. Sometimes, we get so busy with school and rotations and planning the next several years of our lives, that we forget to look at other aspects of our lives, such as our relationships.

What I have realized was that on the other side of that door that life forced open is a huge network of close friends, family, coworkers and peers, and even friendly strangers, all of whom can give you the support, companionship, love, understanding, fun and anything else you may need to cultivate your emotional garden.

I have had a lot of weeding to do, but I have now uncovered some beautiful flowers that I had neglected, and with each weed I pull, my garden becomes fuller and brighter. Cultivate your garden, make sure to keep those weeds under control, and watch your relationships, your life and yourself flourish.


One thought on “Emotional Garden

  1. Amy:
    I like your analogy and by the way the most beautiful little flower in your garden still has a lot of growing to do. Keep the blog coming..I am becoming a bunnyholic blog reader.

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