Lucky dog

So, some of you may know about Buddy Newman…. someday I will tell about how he came into our lives, but for now, I am thinking this dog is lucky, in a weird way.

I have been frantically trying to finish all the stuff I have been putting off to get the house ready for my housewarming party. Nothing like a deadline to motivate ya! My dad was over helping me with a few things out back, and then I opened up the front door to let him in so he could help me switch out my medicine chest… we were there about 3 minutes, when I had that “OH SHIT!!” realization that I had left the front door open.

Sure enough, Buddy had bolted out the door, probably to go lick some innocent passer-by. I couldn’t find him anywhere, no answer to my call… my dad and I drove around for a while, then he had to leave. I kept driving, and asking strangers if they had seen him. He didn’t even go to the park! Surely he would have gone to play with all the other doggies! I called John to tell him, not sure why except that he is an animal lover and might have a suggestion. I went home to open the gate per his suggestion, drove around the corner, and suddenly a little black head popped up from behind the fence at the corner lot. Buddy was sitting on the top of a car in this house’s backyard. What freaked me out was that there was no way for him to have gotten there. Several old dog kennels and houses and igloos were scattered around the yard, with water bowls out front and back….. and no animals. I jumped the fence, got him out and carried him home, cuz he seemed to want to bolt.

At this time, it was sprinkling, and within 2 minutes of getting home, it started POURING rain outside. The street was flooding within minutes, the wind was gusting, and it’s still raining a half hour or so later.

Not only did I find him just in time, but I would have been out riding in that rain. I like riding in rain actually, but that downpour would have been dangerous, with flooding streets, crazy winds, and low visibility of already crappy drivers.

At least for today, Buddy is my lucky dog. :0)

2 thoughts on “Lucky dog

    • She had talked to my dad and said she would keep her eyes out for him, but I think she already had him back there…. I mean, why didn’t she call me real quick? She knew I lived across the street.

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