Non-Turkey day

So, I recently “became” vegetarian again….for the 3rd time in my life. I don’t miss meat at all. I do eat fish still, so I guess I am pescatarian. Whatev. My family is pretty redneck. They huffed when I said that picking the steak out of the sukiyaki wouldn’t really do it for me.

So, unless I want to starve on Turkey Day, I need to bring something veggie and (preferably) healthy. Keely and I found some amazingly beautiful brussels sprouts on the stalk, something you only see this time of year. She is determined to have brussels sprouts!

Question is...what do you do with the stalk?

I found an easy recipe, but it has to be done right before you eat them…. I like simple. What I want to know, is… can you do anything with the stalk afterward?

I hate to waste anything. We also bought yams, as they are one of my faves. I just cut them into circles and grill them, maybe brush them with some olive oil, sprinkle some kosher salt on them…yummy!

Yams don't need no stinking sugar! They are sweet enough on their own

So, if I can’t eat anything else, I can have yams and brussels sprouts! :0)

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