Yoga on my mind…

I really have so much I need to be doing for Midyear, but right now I would rather blog about my yoga experience today. There were actually 2 really cool things that happened the other day in yoga class.

I didn’t get up in time for the 6am class, but I did wake up by 7am for the 9am class, which means I had time for a strong cup of coffee. One thing about yoga is; if you want to have a really good class, it is imperative to have an empty GI. And I finally did!

Well, the class was mostly normal, and I was even a bit off at the beginning, but I took that as a sign I needed to settle into my center. My back has started opening up, but my hips hadn’t really opened up, even after 6 weeks of hot yoga.

Today, they started popping into place. It’s really more like a settling, and you feel and hear tendon pop over bone when your hips settle into their natural alignment. After class, I did a deep hip opening posture, and my hips suddenly popped and relaxed into place. This is a huge progression in my practice.

Now, even more exciting is my TP massage ball experience.

I have been having pain in my hamstring during, but especially after, yoga class. It feels like a pinched nerve in my hamstring. I have been reading my trigger point therapy workbook and trying to figure out where the trigger point for this pain might be. I have a TP massage ball, which looks much like a tennis ball, but firmer.

I put it under my hamstring and, with the whole weight of my leg on it, worked into my hamstring. I figured perhaps the pain was in the connection to my sitz bones, so I sat on the TP ball on the side where it hurts. It didn’t do too much, and then I thought that the tension could be coming from the left side and radiating over, despite the fact that there is NO pain on my left side. I sat on my left buttcheek, and WOWZA! It hurt! That is a good thing, so I worked into a knot or two for  awhile, and after a couple minutes of that, I stood up.  No Pain. The day before, I would have had a hard time walking, but there was no pain, and it lasted several days.

Yeah Trigger Point Therapy!!!


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