I feel like I am in quicksand, when I need to be zooming across the ice. …My life seems to have gone into warp speed, or at least needs to, within the last couple of weeks….

Okay, here was/is my schedule (which means I shouldn’t be posting this right now, but I need a mental break):

Week before Midyear- prepare agenda (requiring research, planning, follow-up, etc), read up on Executive Committee work for our 12-hour meeting, ready myself for speaking at the opening session, a session as a panelist, facilitating one session, and moderating two others, researching and contacting my colleges of pharmacy I am the liaison for, researching residencies…. oh, and let’s not forget packing a week’s worth of business clothes, as well as my daughter’s clothes for a week, coordinating babysitters, medications, doctor’s visits, choral concert times and clothes, paying bills so I don’t come back to no heat…the list goes on

Dec. 3-Dec. 9th—- ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting in Las Vegas, NV= lots of work balanced with lots of fun!

Dec. 10- spent all day inside catching up on emails, application stuff, then Keely’s chess tournament

Dec. 11th- worked all day

Dec. 12th- I don’t even remember now- I got Keely’s nails done…lots of errands…. my bucket must have a leak in it..

Dec. 13th- My first ride in 7 weeks with my team. I was chided for doing that, but I needed to get out there. More catching up on biz

Dec. 14th- 2 meetings with counselors for Keely.. more application preparation…oh, and getting together financial aid info (ie. digging through all the papers I haven’t filed in a year …or so)..oh, and renewing my driver’s license, which expired *that day*, which required digging up my divorce papers (both of my divorces). Result: I phased out Farrar…oh yeah!

Dec. 15th- I realize I am going to Seattle for the 19th to 24th, and start freaking….. that means I have 3 days to organize application materials in a way that will make it easy for people to write letters of recommendations, get that material to them, get my letters of intent going, figure out how I am going to get Christmas for Keely, since I fly back on the 24th. Oh, and I slipped in a ride. Oh, and MY COMPUTER DIED!!!!!

Dec. 16th- Rush my computer to the ER, all morning working on application stuff (6 programs in 5 states), research possible new laptops, meet with the Dean about residencies and possible joint article, a killer vinyasa class, more application stuff

Dec. 17th I meet with a residency director at 10, professional photo for an article at 1, and there is something later, but I can’t remember because  MY CALENDAR IS ON MY DEAD COMPUTER!!! Supposed to be social that night too…. it’s my date night after all! CRAP- when am I going to get my UW application done?!?!

Dec. 18th- I work all day, then pack Keely and myself, get Buddy to John’s…..

Dec. 19th- I leave at O-dark-thirty

Until the 24th.. visit UW and talk with people at that program, go to Portland and visit people at OHSU, somehow find time to not only see what Seattle and Portland both have to offer, but maybe even have time for fun… or just work on my FREAKING RESIDENCY APPLICATIONS!!! OH! And I need to get my Membership Advisory Group up to speed, …if only I had my files from my DEAD COMPUTER…

Dec. 25th= Christmas (means nothing gets done, but I will find a way)

Dec. 28th- I work all day

29th to Jan. 3rd- plan on driving to Tucson. Been trying to set up meetings with people at UMC, maybe a place to stay, people to hang with, etc, etc.

January 4th- I start my next rotation in Toxicology

Oh, and the applications are due January 8th for the most part. During this time, I plan to keep up yoga and add in cycling… maybe running while out of town. HA! Of course, I have to be an attentive mom, make sure dinner is available… FOOD?! OMG, I have to go grocery shopping too…

Would someone like to get me a housecleaning for Christmas? Cuz it ain’t getting touched until… sometime next year.


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