Seeking Christmas Cheer

Somehow, with applications, travel, not having the whole family at my mom’s, I am just not feeling the usual Christmas cheer. Maybe part of it is because I know that Keely knows that Santa isn’t real. Part of the fun is trying desperately to keep that all a big secret. I don’t think I could have pulled it off this year. Also, I like to have someone in my life to spoil, and I didn’t get a chance to spoil my friends…. (as I am writing this, I am having deja vu to last year and writing something similar…)…perhaps I should stay in town for NYE? Host a party? Dunno.

What do you do on Xmas when there is no food in the house and it’s a mess because you haven’t been home for half the

month? Keely is happy reading and organizing her little beads… I remember when life was so simple.

So, wearing a green face mask (all in Christmas cheer, I suppose), trying to undo the mess my face is in from falling asleep with my makeup on too many nights in a row. I feel like the Grinch! tee hee hee

Maybe I need to drive around to friends’ houses… bring them a gift of some sort….a shower would probably be a good start. Drinking less beer would probably be good too… I went through most of my good beer last night. I felt like crap this morning, but last night was WAY FUN!


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