Not looking back

Since I am sitting inside on this beautiful, lazy last day of the year, thought I would go ahead and type out my first blog on my NEW laptop. :0)

Looking back on 2009, I had one of the most rocky emotional years of my life. Certainly, 2008 was rough emotionally as well. The difference with 2009 is that I learned more about myself and am finally in a completely different spot in life than ever before. I fell in and out of love, and in the process learned to love myself more. I am forever changed. My relationships will never be the same as before, and that’s a good thing.

Finally, I am owning who I am, not apologizing for being myself. If someone doesn’t accept me, that’s their prerogative, and they can go spend time with someone they do appreciate. I choose to be with those who can appreciate my kookiness, my emotions, my strength and vulnerability, my sensuality and flirtiness, my straight-forward and sometimes in-your-face honesty, my *daughter*, my need to be independent, coupled with my need to lean on someone, and even my insecurities. We all have them. People who can accept my affection, gratitude, generosity, and love graciously and respectfully, knowing I do it without the intention of receiving it back. People who notice and care, about me, life, and love.

Looking AHEAD to 2010

  • I will become Dr. Baker.
  • I will marry for the 3rd and final time, and my name won’t change.
  • I will get my first tattoo, and most likely not my last, as a symbol of my dedication/marriage to myself.
  • I may move out of state for the first time since Keely was a baby, 11 years ago.
  • I will be open and giving, but careful with my heart.

I am excited to go forth and experience the ME I have been neglecting for so long. I am excited to live life with myself and to share my joy with others in my life.

I am going to live my quote of 2009:

‘Freedom is achieved through truth.. Learn yours.. Speak and live it… And accept nothing less from others.. or yourself.’  -Amy Baker 2009


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