17 weeks

Tomorrow, I start the first day of the last 17 weeks of my 10 year college career. It has been a career, but one I paid to do. Go figure. My daughter has paid too, and I hope that with some income and consistency we can enjoy each other more. Being a student had its advantages too, though. I had more flexibility in my day, so I could train before she was out of school on some days. Now I can’t.

In any case, I have 16 weeks of rotations left, with one week of vacation in March. I find out March 16th where I am going for residency. Before then, I need to overnight these danged applications, conduct interviews in February (which means more travel), do my rank order in early March, and hold my breath until the 16th. It’s somewhat of a crap shoot, unfortunately. Part of me sooooo doesn’t want to leave New Mexico. I have some great friends here, the only cycling team I have ever been on, my whole family, and a house in a killer neighborhood, just a mile from our group rides, 1-2 miles from where I would do residency. Another part of me feels it’s time to move on, time to switch things up and let the pieces fall as they will. Time will tell.

For now, recover from 2 group rides this weekend, finish my last letter of intent, and then go make fish tacos for my family, who has had a rough week with my grandma, and will be moving in the next week or so.


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