Cod on bird seed

Day 2 of gluten free, and I am loving trying new things!

For lunch, I didn’t have much to choose from, but yogurt sounded good, and I remembered my blueberries, so I brought those out and…..

eeeewww!  Moldy blueberries! That’s a major problem with Trader Joe’s produce. They mold before they decay. I had some pulp from my juicing though, so I threw some of that in the yogurt, which was mostly apple, and it was YUMMY!! Used Brown Cow plain yogurt, which is the cream on the top kind. I am used to bitter yogurt, so this is a nice change of pace.

Dinner: Decided to go with millet tonight, so cooked up 2 cod fillets in some butter, added a yellow curry sauce, and cilantro. Separately toasted pumpkin seeds, for the first time ever, and LOVED seeing them puff up and pop! Hot, toasted pumpkin seeds with sea salt are the bomb!

So, when the millet was nearly done, put some spinach on the fish to wilt, then topped with the pumpkin seeds, and voila! Wonderful combo of what I just happen to have around.

Spicy, nutty, creamy cod on.... bird seed


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