Radical love anyone?

Something extremely exciting happened with my blogs recently. I posted “Wrapping his head around it” on the 9th, and I mentioned Wendy-O Matik, the author of Redefining Our Relationships, a book that helped to both reaffirm and expand my ideas on relationships and why they hadn’t worked thus far. Well, she commented personally on the blog, and she offered to do a workshop in this area if there was interest. I don’t know about you, but I would love this beautiful soul to come from San Francisco and open our minds. If you think you can handle it, and want to expand your idea of what a “relationship” can truly encompass, then please let me know so I can try and set something up.

Here is a sample flyer for one of her workshops.

By the way, she happens to be stunningly beautiful


4 thoughts on “Radical love anyone?

  1. Radical love inoculations coming your way!! This kind of outpour of support really puts the wind in my sail and gives me hope that we’re all in together. Hope to see you all in the not-so-distant future! Heaps of gratitude to you, Amy
    XO wendy-o matik

  2. mos def since i consider myself a feminist, probably could act a bit more socially and and see the lack of spirituality as a blight in the world. to reclaim the spirit. haven’t done any thing like this in a few years and it sounds great. cheers amy

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