What would you do?

Like I had mentioned in a prior post, looking to do a 333 Project. It doesn’t have to be all photos, and I would like it to have some type of theme, obviously. Looking for suggestions again.

What would you do? What would you want to see for 333 days, starting this Feb. 1st?


6 thoughts on “What would you do?

  1. Good morning Ms. Bunny…

    I too enjoy receiving the notification that your blog has been updated, and enjoy reading your river of thought.

    I may be out of the social stream of consciousness, and could easily, as your most recent blog indicated, choose to look up 333 Project in Wiki, but I thought I would come to you first and ask.

    What is a 333 Project, and have you decided what to do with yours yet?

    • Hello Mr. Otter…
      Glad to hear you enjoy my inanity! :0) (I looked that up to make sure it’s a bona fide word. Is that type A?)
      So, a 365 project is one where a person commits to photographing something each day of the year. I believe that people have done writing as well, but it’s quicker and easier and more interesting for others to look at photographs.
      I got a late start, so thought I could do a 333 project, simply because I love the number 3, what it stands for, as well as the multiples of 3 (6 and 9). I will write a it about the numerology aspect, but it seems perfect. Plus, that gives me until Feb. 1st to figure out what to do, but I think I have an idea…. it will have to do with the number 3 most likely, and I may just leave it open to that, and let the inspiration of 3 flow from there.
      Thanks for asking!

      • What a great word! I’d hardly call your writing that, but instead, very thought provoking. And it is interesting the fact of the 365 or 333 project as I am a photographer as well. I may run a tandem 333 project along side, which may give me motivation to shoot some non sequitur images, that may complete an overall theme for the endurance of the 333 days.

        AND…funny regarding the numerology of it all as well, as I think I am a 6 based on my name and 7 based on my date of birth.

        Looking forward to reading more from you.


      • For numerology, I highly recommend Linda Goodman’s Star Signs… and for astrology, she is also amazing. She is in-depth enough to mean something, but not so esoteric as to make you feel like either a nitwit or outcast.
        I think it would be awesome to have someone else doing a 333. Everyone starts something on January 1st. No reason we can’t start off where half of them leave off. lol
        BTW, you know 6 is the number of love?
        In very basic terms, 3 is birth, 9 is death, and 6 is love…. so what falls right between birth and death, and when you flip the 9 (rebirth), you get 6, so love leads to rebirth. Set the 69 in a spin and see how love leads to forgiveness and understanding, which leads to the death of something inside, hence a birth of something new and better.
        Welcome aboard the 333 train!!

  2. I love reading your blog. I’m kinda embarrassed to mention this, but the idea of polyamorous relationships turns me on. On that note, 333 provocative photos sounds appealing. Take care and good luck.

    • Thanks Sarah! It’s good to know someone gets some enjoyment out of my waxing and waning sanity. If you are curious about polyamorous relationships, I highly recommend you check out Redefining our Relationships by Wendy-O Matik, and even Ethical Slut (which I am currently reading off and on). Please don’t be embarrassed to mention it. It’s a sign that you are open and longing for more than what people normally settle for. So many people have fantasies without figuring out a way to make them reality.
      As for the provocative photos, I would love to be able to do that, but I have to maintain a certain “decorum”, if you will, due to my chosen profession. The powers that be could decide that I am not fit for licensure, so I must keep that to myself for now… now, provocative in a thoughtful sense I could muster…

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