Missing: wheat

I just realized it’s day 13 of gluten-free. I probably have had some gluten sneaking in my salad dressing or Asian food, but as far as I can tell, no gluten in this bod. I do feel better. Been trying to get enough protein, but the only way it seems to really get it is with fish and egg whites. I might be sensitive to the egg as well. GAWD. I am trying to incorporate beans, but never been a huge fan of them, so never learned how to effectively cook with them.

BUT, I have discovered so many great grains, with so much texture, color and flavor! I never knew gluten-free could be so interesting. I am even going to attempt making scones. I normally wouldn’t eat scones, but after a long ride, I could scarf down a nice warm, buttery, gluten-free scone. :0)

Not a bit of gluten, and look at the color!


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