4 down

So, a little bit about the first week of my 333 project. I said I would take pictures of something relating to the numbers 3, 6 or 9, or related to the meaning of those numbers in numerology…..that leaves it fairly open, but still introduces some limitations. I found myself reaching a bit.

1/333- This one represented a lot. First, there were three huge aspects to my day. I interviewed, then I did clinical work in the hospital, then I got home and rode my trainer. Not only that, there were a lot of beginnings represented in that picture. That was my first residency interview ever (and really my first bona fide interview), it was the first week of a clinical rotation, which is my 3rd to last, and it was my first structured ride this year.

2/333 – while this one might be reaching, it’s really not. I LOVE the fact that I was a good student, because finding these summaries I made of nearly every cardiology and pulmonary subject possible (except for infectious disease) is making my life easier. It’s also the first time I found my notes useful!

3/333-  I was at Nick’s house for this one. Nick is a flight nurse, and his job often comes down to life or death. I also love that he is in healthcare. It’s a strong, shared passion, which means we can understand a lot of each other’s daily joys and frustrations.

4/333- Easy one. It’s 3 dogs having fun, although Buddy looks a bit like he is being chased down and not so excited about it, which is one reason I love the picture.

I have struggled with pics representing beginnings or love, and especially those representing endings and have reverted to “numbers” pictures on days that are long and I end up taking the pictures at night. Only 329 more to go, and I am looking forward to every one.


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