Daily inspirations

Well, nearly 2 weeks into the 333 project, and really enjoying having my camera with me at all times. I find myself taking pictures of things that don’t fit my theme, but are interesting….and I want to see if I can capture an image or perspective on camera. Wanted to go over some of my pictures, just for funzies.

#5– just a candle holder on my wall. I liked the light…and need to put some candles in there!

#6– just part of a set of blown glass from my late grandmother. Had fun shooting those

#7– My poor Buddy has had a hard time with me being so busy. I think he was asking me to go for a walk. He loves me anyway, sweet thing.

#8– These are my “fancy” glasses I got for a wedding gift and thought I would never use, but then I was turned on to PORT!  They are right under the candle holder and above the glass, so I obviously like my little sofa table turned bar. I simply saturated the color, but the bases *are* different colors.

#9– I was ending a long day at the hospital and rushing home, and I noticed the broken eggs at the base of a tree right out in front of the College of Pharmacy. I almost didn’t stop, but then I turned around, and not only were there 2 eggs that had obviously fallen out of a nest, but crocuses popping up on the other side. Birth, death, and the ending of the beginning of life all wrapped into one. They were far apart, so hard to get a good angle on, but I had fun with this one.

#10– This is a hug I am getting from my very special friend Nick I have written about before. Our paths have crossed at 2, now 3, crucial points in our lives, and he is someone who has always made me feel nothing short of extremely special. I love his hugs, and I love this picture.

#11- This is a very large wall mural outside of the heart catheterization lab at UNMH, and on the way to the ECHO lab where they watch the videos of ECHOs performed on the hearts of patients. Very cool stuff they do in there. Considering how little traffic there is in this area, I was surprised at the detail and effort put into this.

#12– Yep, it’s Nick again, having coffee before the sun comes up. He is in his jumper, ready for flight (he is a flight nurse), and I am prepping for a day in the hospital with my cup of coffee. A nice, relaxing start to our day.

Life is crazy right now, and these posts are becoming my little rest time of the day. I don’t find it stressful at all, but rather a nice creative outlet during a really stressful time of my life.


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