Denver Schmenver

The past 48 hours have been way too eventful for my current already elevated stress level.

Let’s begin at 5pm on Thursday, February 18th. I flew out of Albuquerque to Denver, a whopping 51-minute flight. Chatted with a drug rep the whole way, my baggage made it, all was good. I did notice that the ground was wet upon landing. By the time I got out to find the shuttle to get my car, wet snow dusted the ground and kept on coming. I made it onto the shuttle eventually (finding it was a bear), made it to the car rental place, waiting an inordinate amount of time to be helped, was chided for not having my insurance information on me, received my requested Garmin GPS,  then proceeded outside. By this time (about 30 minutes), there was a blanket of snow on the ground and more coming. I was told to choose my car among many snow and ice-covered compact cars, and finally settled on a Silver Kia. On a good note, I found the window scraper/brush to remove the layer of ice and snow on all the windows. I neglected to clear the windshield wipers, which messed me up later on. The GPS worked fine at this point, and I hit the highway and headed to Downtown Denver. The roads were slick, the snow kept coming, and I could barely see through my windshield, as my windshield wipers were iced over.

NOTE: the ground was wet, then it froze, then snow fell. This meant the roads were covered with ice, then snow…..

It was slow-going, but I made it to town. I had been here last January, but I couldn’t remember downtown, especially with snow covering everything, nighttime, a cloudy windshield, and a GPS that couldn’t seem to direct me correctly. I found myself wandering around Downtown, thankfully with not many people out, confused by all the one-way streets. I turned left onto a street that looked familiar, slowly so as to not slide through the corner on the crappy tires of this car, when BAM! I felt the car lurch and swerve to the left, my head slammed into the side window, then a slow skid to a stop, facing the opposite direction I had been headed.

*Not an hour had passed since landing when the accident happened*. WELCOME TO DENVER!

I’ll try and make a 2-hour story short. I found myself eventually sitting in the backseat of the Jeep Cherokee that had hit me, waiting for the cops.I called the car rental company, and within 5 minutes, I was welcomed by a group of friendly and good-looking firemen, then a cop of the same look and demeanor, then an ambulance. I got to sit in the ambulance, denied a ride, thinking it would be very odd to be treated in the hospital I am interviewing at. I didn’t figure I had an intracranial bleed, although my head hurt on the opposite side it was hit on, and I kept checking my mouth for loose teeth, as they ached something awful. Despite the stress, and a high blood pressure, my HR was around 57 bpm. Thankfully, everyone was nice, I was oddly calm, and I was escorted to the hotel by the cop, who had tried to give me the cheapest ticket possible. The valet was $25 a night, so I declined and luckily someone pulled out across the street, so I didn’t have to walk far. Maybe my luck was turning around. *NOT*

Tired, disheveled, and snow-covered, I made my way to my room, which welcomed me with a waft of heat and a comforting smell I still can’t place. It’s the size of a small apartment, with an entry hall, large bedroom, separate bathroom, separate large living area, a wet bar, and a walk-in closet, not to mention the very large balcony outside.

At this point, I felt OK about things, trying to just go with it, but really wanted a good beer. The bar at the hotel sucked, so I headed to their suggestion for good beer, the Horseshoe. Thankfully, I could walk there, but the place was really loud, and the beer selection wasn’t great in my mind. The only stout they had was Guinness! I had brought my “work”, but I couldn’t get anything done there. I had KIND bars for dinner, I think, and couldn’t sleep until 1am, with the interview being at 8am. I crashed hard and when I heard my phone alarm go off, I literally jumped out of bed, thinking that I had overslept! It was 4:30 am. My wakeup call was for 5am, but I just stumbled into the shower at that point. I had plenty of time, my clothes made it unwrinkled, and I had some coffee in the room, although it wasn’t enough for my heavy caffeine addiction. I figured I needed an hour to get there. Thank the heavens I left that much time!!!

I went out and gingerly stepped through the slushy piles alond the sidewalk in my pretty patent leather heels, pinstripe suit, and tailored dress coat. I made it across the street, and prayed that the cars driving by wouldn’t splash me as I tried to clear my car of snow and ice without getting my clothes dirty. I didn’t have the address of the hospital for my GPS, and it couldn’t find the intersection. Begin panic mode. Okay, maybe not yet. I drove and drove on Colfax, hoping it was the right direction, but never saw Aurora Court, and noticed the alphabet was going up on the streets. I finally hit Z, then the alphabet started at the beginning……. but no Aurora Court! I tried a gas station for directions, and he said that street was about 9 blocks up. HE LIED!!! I called the residency director, and she couldn’t tell where I was but eventually figured it out. I needed to get to Peoria,…which was way more than 9 blocks up! Even parking and walking to the lobby of the hospital was difficult, but I made it by 8am, just as the residency director walked up to greet the 9 residency applicants.

Funny note: ALL of us had a dark suit and blue shirt or tie. I felt like a normotron.

Breakfast consisted of orange juice and bagels, both of which I won’t have….and NO COFFEE!!! No breakfast for me.

The interviews went fine, but I had a SPLITTING headache the entire day, and I wasn’t sure if it was from lack of caffeine, or some type of insidious brain damage. It was so bad, that I had a hard time thinking. I felt hungover on top of it all, bloated, etc, etc. I apologized to a couple people, who said they couldn’t tell, but I really felt like I was grimacing all day. I kept hoping to get a break to have some coffee, with visions of a little intracranial hemorrhage brewing in my skull, wondering how long it would take to get seen, being that I was already in a hospital. Hey, I could see how good the patient care really is!  I made it through 7 hours of non-stop questioning and talking, then headed to get coffee and go rest before dinner with the applicants. Twas nice, but the caffeine still didn’t get rid of the headache!

BTW, dinner was at 6pm February 19th, 24 hours after landing. Again, the roads were slippery, I had a hard time finding the place, and it was way out in BFE, but I made it only 12 minutes late. Just a side note: Eating at a mexican restaurant when you are both pescatarian and gluten free is really hard, and with only a salad all day, I was wanting some of those tortilla chips. I held out though. Uneventful dinner, thankfully, and made it back alright. I debated going out, but decided to walk to the Cheeky Monk, which I had noticed earlier. It’s a Belgian Beer Pub.


Cheeky Monk beer list

St. Bernardus ABT 12


 Beautiful walk in the snow, nearly got lost again, but made it and had a fun time talking to the people next to me, who wanted to adopt me and take me with them, but I went back instead. Today, much better. I slept in until 11am, left by noon, had coffee and a meal here at The Market, which I found just fine, and hoping things are smooth tomorrow. Flight leaves at 9am, so gotta get out early. Until then, gonna work on my Drug Info paper that is due Wednesday.

Wish me luck!!


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