Planned Parenthood needs your help

***I support the efforts of Planned Parenthood. Yes, I believe that a woman should have full control over her health and HER BODY. Noone owns our body but ourselves. Below is a message from Planned Parenthood. They are trying to raise funds to support the patients during a time of violent protests by anti-choice groups.

Disclaimer: My views represent solely my beliefs and are not representative of any organizations or groups I am affiliated with.

Also: I put this up to support an organization and a cause I believe in. While I respect any opposing opinion as your right, this is not meant as a discussion board and will not be treated as such. Your comments will be deleted.

Make a Pledge-a-Picket donation today & help us reach our goal!

Every year on Good Friday several hundred anti-choice men, women and children flock to PPNM to protest against abortion. The event wraps up the spring 40 Days for Life campaign organized by a group called Project Defending Life. This group moved into the storefront just south of our surgical clinic almost two years ago and they keep a steady stream of protesters on the sidewalk in front of PPNM all year round. Recently we learned that Project Defending Life has been communicating with Operation Rescue – the radical anti-abortion group planning to open an office in Albuquerque soon. Known for their disruptive tactics, Operation Rescue located their headquarters in Wichita to harass and intimidate Dr. George Tiller. They have been linked to Scott Roeder who murdered Dr. Tiller last May, and other well-known anti-abortion activists.

With Operation Rescue on the way, we anticipate an increase in protester activity along with more hateful and aggressive anti-abortion rhetoric. Security is always a concern for PPNM and we spend significant resources on surveillance, monitoring and recording systems, as well as for staff training and emergency preparedness. We work diligently to keep our patients, volunteers and staff safe, but are very concerned about how the ant-choice protest landscape is about to change in Albuquerque.

PPNM and the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Houston are experiencing the highest levels of 40 Days protest activity in the country. Thanks to one very generous donor, PP Houston met their Pledge-a-Picket goal of $28,000 the FIRST DAY of the protests! Houston doubled their goal and are about to meet that too!

Our Pledge-a-Picket goal is $11,000 but we aren’t even halfway there with the campaign ending on Good Friday. Your support assists our efforts to keep the women and men who come to PPNM for our services safe. Please take a moment right now to make a Pledge-a-Picket contribution.

Call Cindy at (505) 265-5976 x311, or send an email with your name, phone number and pledge amount to You can also donate at our website by clicking on the DONATE button in the upper right corner. If you choose LOCAL, PPNM will receive 100 percent of your gift.

Go to:

Thank you for supporting the patients, volunteers and staff of Planned Parenthood of New Mexico!


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