random musings…

My rice (white, mind you, which is “bad” enough) tastes like it has perfume in it…

My TPN was really slow…the potassium and sodium and phosphates gave me a brain fart…

The following norepi drip rocked out, as did the vasopressin drip. Too bad the senior pharmacist only saw me going slow on the TPN…I hadn’t been in the IV room in a while, and someone had started half the process, which messed me up. Plus, he was in a hurry and I got a tad flustered…not bad, but enough to distract me. After he left, it was fine. I did remember Calcium first, phosphates last….

just a really long, tiring day. I got about 15 minutes of veg time while I ate over my 10 hour shift…the rest was literally running.

I jogged up the stairs to the 9th floor from Service (that’s 11 flights) 2-3 times, plus up to 7th and 5th a couple times each, combined with taking the stairs down even more times. Up and down between floors as well….and since I worked my legs out a bit last night at the gym, I should be nice and sore tomorrow.

I just keep picturing my legs cut like they used to be, flexing as they jog up the stairs (faster than the elevator, and better for ya!)

Had a talk with my daughter when I got home about puberty, sex, what rape means and how one has complete say over what happens to his/her body, healthcare, how I got into it, when the 3rd of one of my dog’s litter was a stillborn, and how torn up I was because I had (1) taken a shower when it was born, and (2) I didn’t really know what to do, despite reading books on it. I was the only one that might have known what to do, and I couldn’t help. I remember standing there in my pink cotton robe, with this little puppy, all warm and wet, in my hands…..it seemed alive to me, except that it wasn’t breathing…so limp, so fresh, and so utterly out of my control…I almost didn’t go to work that day I was so crushed.

Yep, almost 11 hours of work, then 2 hours of chatting with my kiddo about some pretty heavy duty stuff…about ready to hit the hay at 9:40pm on a night off….gonna finish off a Nimbus Oatmeal Stout, maybe read on my kindle, which is a nice way I have been finishing my nights lately, and then off to bed.

I miss Nick. It’s only been a few days, but his hug really melts away stresses of the day, and I am sooo looking forward to having him there at my graduation banquet to celebrate with me. And the next day I graduate. CRAZY!!!

I need to find a killer outfit for tomorrow night, but I don’t have much time. There was a day when I would have stressed for almost a week about what I ate going into the event, and what I was going to wear. I will figure it out tomorrow. Yeah, it’s good to look great and all, but I have bigger fish to fry now.

Alright, those are my random thoughts for the night. No need to torture anyone with more of these,  cuz I could keep them coming….

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