What’s up Doc?

Yesterday, I officially graduated from pharmacy school, which means I can add Pharm.D. at the end of my name, whenever I want. After the graduation ceremony, Nick and I went for some sushi and just milled about. We ended up at his place, lazing around (I was tired from partying after the banquet the prior night). Lots of things went through my mind, but I specifically remember commenting that once you earn a degree, noone can take that away from you. You can lose your license to practice, but you can’t lose your degree. That’s pretty awesome. It’s also a big deal because I had 2 dreams as a youngun.

1) Be a professional ballerina, and 2) earn a terminal degree.

I let myself down on the first one. I just didn’t know how to survive and do it. I promised myself not to let myself down on this one. So, I am 35, and I have accomplished one of my major goals. Now, I need new ones. I certainly have tentative goals for pharmacy and where I want to go with it. It’s a given that I will be involved, so not really concerned with much beyond getting a job and passing my boards.

I am thinking I would like to start racing again…the longer distance events. Perhaps start with a half-marathon. I joined a gym, and I started back at yoga, and I also joined the climbing gym, as much for Keely as for me. I am ready to try new things, including jumping out of a plane on May 29th. I just need someone to jump with me!!!

So, I am behind on cleaning and working out, and paperwork I still need to finish. BUT, I had a great week of celebrating, visiting with friends, exercising, and enjoying the fact that I have some time for myself, which means I have time for others in my life. What a concept!!!

And now, I am going to sign this blog with my name and title, because I need to start somewhere. First time ever…

Amy Baker, PharmD

(that will take some getting used to)


2 thoughts on “What’s up Doc?

  1. Congratulations, Amy. Whatever you decide to do next, give yourself some time to fall into it. After accomplishing such a big life goal and focusing your energy for so long, I think you should just let the field sit fallow for a while. Or think of it as post-race recovery. It may just be time in your life to be Dr. Baker and soak up all the blessings.

    I’m really happy for you!

    • Thanks David! Unfortunately, I have to get a job, and that takes work in this market, but I am still letting things fall as they may for a bit, and loving it!

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