Need a New Drug

Okay, maybe not a new drug, but it caught your eye. I really need a new focus, which is like a drug to me. When I have a big goal, and I am determined and focused on achieving it, then I am hooked.

I will be getting back in shape. I am running again, learning to climb, riding just a bit, and totally wanting to get strong and lean again. I am such a gym rat at heart. I am not sure if I should shoot for a figure competition in the future, or maybe start off with a half marathon and better climbing fitness, with a competition a year down the road…. that sounds doable.

Half Marathon in October, plus a climbing goal….like a trip where I need to be strong. Oh yeah….the plan is starting to form. I just need to find a race, a training partner, and carve out the time in my schedule. Oh, and I need to drop about 10 lbs. Ouch. It is doable. I did it before. 12 lbs in less than 3 months, from flabby to fabulous. I can do it again. When you have looked like this before, you want it back.

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