Fun With Friends

Thursday nights are (and have been for quite some time) my one night without my daughter. There were many Thursday nights where I used the time to study, but now that I am not a student, I enjoy actually getting out and away from the house. Unless something is due the next morning, I aim to not do any real work on Thursday evenings.

I was prettly listless after work. I came home, unwrapped my climbing wounds so that they could air out, and then laid down on my couch to rest while I waited for Nick to drop off Uma. He has been working the exact opposite shift of me the past 3 days, and I have been watching Uma on nights he works. He could be gone for well more than his 12 hour shift, so it’s nice knowing Uma is with someone during that time. Plus, she is a sweetheart, and I love having her around. I treat her like my own.

Anyhoo, the heat is getting to me, but I haven’t hooked up my swamp cooler yet. Lazed around for a while after Nick came and then decided I needed to get out. Sent out a few texts and ended up at Gecko’s. I spent a good amount of time alone and sat at the only spare seat outside, which happened to be attached to a table with a lone guy. I really didn’t want to talk. He seemed too eager to chat, too eager to include me at his table, and completely alone. It ended up fine, but I was really happy when Dave and Mario showed up. We enjoyed some beers together, decided on the theme of my next party, talked about my jobless situation, etc. Near the end and after, Dave and I took all kinds of pics. Dave has a keen eye, which is quite evident from his 365 project pics. He took one with my camera which is just amazing.

Dave, Mario and I really are like the 3 Musketeers in my mind. I always feel most comfortable around them, they are most likely to show up when I put out an invite, Dave was the only person from my team to come to my graduation….they are just all around good, close, fun friends. They’re my Buddies. :0)

Dave also took some fun photos he shared with me:



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