Daily Inspirations Parte Cuatro

I haven’t done this in so long, I wonder why I am doing it, but it is fun for me to go through the pics and remember what inspired me, what I was doing, etc. It’s somewhat of a visual diary, except the public one.

So, I left off at #38– I have never worn any of these earrings, but they belonged to my grandmother on my dad’s side. She always had tons of earrings, and there is even another earring tree in the collection, but I stuck with 3 due to the theme. I think they are ugly as sin, but the earrings have sentimental value.

#39- You can tell I was going through an uninspired phase. I had found the $100 in a pair of pants from Christmas, and it happened to be by 6 candles. I tried to make it more interesting by hiding the number of the picture…. can you see it?

#40– Keely had a chorus rehearsal at UNM, and outside I just happened to find this little scarecrow (or whatever it is), just left there in a raised bed. Sad, but pretty cool.

#41– This is a fountain in a part of the UNM Main Campus that used to be a dirt road. The story behind this one is worth telling. My grandmother (on my dad’s side) was failing in November of 2000. She was in the hospital and on comfort care. Unfortunately, I had to go to class and couldn’t stay at my grandmother’s side. A few hours later, I walked out of class, and as I reached the point where this picture was taken, time slowed, leaves coalesced around my feet, rustling in the whirl of air curling around me. I stopped and closed my eyes, and I knew my grandmother was saying goodbye to me. We had a special bond. I must have been holding my breath, and as I exhaled, I looked at where I was, and if you read the plaque for this water fountain, it was designed as a tribute to grandmothers.  This piece was resurrected on the anniversary of the death of the artist’s grandmother. My grandmother was buried on my 26th birthday on November 14, 2000. I can’t walk by it without stopping and enjoying its silent beauty…. and remembering the spirit of my grandmother.

#42– This was taken in the hotel room in Sedona, after a great hike with Nick and Keely. I had never been, and we really did it up that day.

#43– When I looked at this little alcove/cave, it looked like an entire ancient ruins, so I was hoping Keely would look like a giant, but I guess I would have to be on the ground to get that effect. Either way, I was awestruck by it’s simple beauty, not to mention the maturity of my daughter!

#44– Ah, a simple picture of the quiet, graceful, strong man who captured my heart. He moved so smoothly and gracefully over the rocks, like he was walking along the beach. The swing of his jacket only begun to capture that. Someday, I plan on capturing that aspect of him.

#45– After over a year of networking, visiting, applying, interviewing, and stressing over who I was going to rank for residency, I opened up my email and found this. It was only one of many surprises this past year, but it certainly set me into a headspin. Part of me was devastated, and part of me was relieved at the thought of perhaps gaining my life back. Unfortunately, I still have not found a job, so the relief didn’t last long.

#46– I was really excited to get my brand spanking new road bike. Unfortunately, because it happened right when I found out I didn’t match for residency, I didn’t take alot of time to enjoy it. I still haven’t spent much time riding it. I think it might be time to get my butt out there and put in some good mileage. Oh, and for tech geeks, the frame weighs less than 900 grams.

#47- First Encounters- This is a neat statue in Sedona, and I just loved how the animals interacted, apparently never having seen one of the other before.

#48– All new kits! And I haven’t worn much of them. I finally got bib shorts, a long-sleeved skinsuit for the TT I didn’t do, a thermal jacket, and new long and short-sleeved jerseys. New kits are always fun, if you are racing….

#49– Keely bought this long hairpiece and felt so grown up at her chorus concert. She certainly has grown up fast, and I this is the first time I really saw her as a young lady.

#50- This is the final step in the brewing process of my second batch of beer, bottling. They looked so shiny and new. Unfortunately, I realized later that I used an older packet of yeast that I thought I had gotten rid of, so there was very little fermentation. I guess I could market this as a light smoked porter?

I would continue, but I might turn into a pumpkin, as it’s 4 minutes after midnight.

More later! Buenas noches!

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