Dreams, dreams…

I had the oddest dream last night….the parts I remember had Nick and my friend Kari in them.. I had moved into a new house, or maybe Nick just hadn’t seen the house. It was big, for sure.  The back room was actually a full-size dance studio, complete with marley floor, mirrors, bars, the kit and caboodle. It was simply a bonus in the house, not sought after. I must have seen it as a sign that I needed to try and dance again, so I made this big decision to make a stab at dancing again, thinking of how tight my hips have gotten, how much weight I would have to lose…etc, etc…but excited about it. Then, my friend Kari visited, and I was so excited to show her my studio. She still dances to this day, so I knew she would love it. I thought about renting it out for extra money, or just letting Kari use it when she wanted. Then I woke up.

There was more to it, but I can’t remember. I think it started out with another house, and me trying to open up space, so I told Keely we should sell our pool table (it was the house I grew up in, but I was really thinking about my back room and how I need to clean it out in order to be comfortable living here.)….definitely the money theme going here.


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