Hobble wobble and sway

It’s great being in love…when it’s mutual.

Been busy looking at houses to move into.

Don’t want to move, yet so excited to live in a real home.

Almost done with my intern hours…which means NAPLEX soon.

Still don’t have a job as a pharmacist.

I didn’t answer Albertson’s back about the job offer in time. I would much prefer the New Mexico Cancer Center.

Worried about income over the next couple of months…need to get licensed. Need to get a job.

Buddy was so cute tonight…when we came home from looking at some houses, he had put my sandal at the entry door. Evidently, he wanted to go for a walk.

This is how my brain goes all day.

Oh, spend each morning and night fighting with Keely. HATE it. Came up with a system that just might work. She buys quarters from me, which we keep in a bowl in the hall. When she doesn’t do one of her daily expectations (feed Buddy, make her bed, clear stuff off of her floor), or if I have to tell her more than once to do something, she chooses to lose a quarter. She lost one tonight because she didn’t have everything off the floor, but we had made an agreement, so there was no arguing. We even hugged afterward! Yeah!

I am head over heels in love. I am amazed every time I am with Nick at the love he sends my way. It’s always there, always full and real, and it feels so good. I think I can stop pinching myself now. I don’t doubt he loves me. I am not used to that feeling of security, but I could get used to it.

It’s late, and I am a few days behind on my 333 project. I don’t get out much lately, so hard to take many pictures. Run, run, run. My house gets boring to shoot in…

I still may want a tattoo, but not sure what to get or where. I love some of the Kanji symbols (truth and rabbit)…. just not enough to time to think about it now.

I start a TRX class tomorrow night. It’s gonna kick my butt! yeah!!

I need to get in the climbing gym…my old tri friends are trying to get me to do a triathlon, but I haven’t swam in over a year, and I really don’t want to put my body into a swimsuit…no sirree..running would help me lose the flab…but my right knee hurts.

I LOVE hiking the La Luz…wish I didn’t have to look at houses Wednesday so that I could hike La Luz.

Excited Nick has the next several days off, but upset that I am working almost every day.

Okay, stream of consciousness writing. ….fun? Not really. My mind feels very ADD’ish….it jumps and bobbles, wobbles and sways, and it often doesn’t go far from the area…just back around on the same topics. I need to finish some things so I can get those off of my mind. Tattoo, plane jumping, and climbing first! Oh yeah, I need to take the NAPLEX, find a home and move, find a job, and …and…and….

Think I am gonna go to bed early. I just wore myself out.


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