Hammock please

Feeling pretty overwhelmed, feeling like I am sinking with no way out…Not seeing the island right now….Part of me wishes that someone would come and whisk away all my problems and set things where and how they need to be. I tried to remember the last time I felt completely at ease about things being taken care of.  I vaguely remember. It’s like getting on a floating raft in a pool and just letting the time go, trusting that things are being taken care of….that you are being cared for. It really feels more like being wrapped up in a hammock, transported gently where you need to go, with not a care in the world about the trip there.

I don’t need anyone to take care of me. I do like knowing I have a net to fall into. My problem is I hate to lean on people.

Wishing I could remember when I last felt that way….


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