Okay, it’s finally official. I am moving to Maui, and soon. So much to do. I had to break my To Do list down by weeks, and then again by days. Excited, yes. Scared, a bit. Sad, only when I think of leaving Nick. I love my family, but I know they will be there no matter what. Nick has a choice to leave, but I truly feel we will be together. I feel and want it in my bones.

Sat with my folks tonight and had fun joking about stuff that I don’t think I have joked with them about before. Shawnee at the College today said I am not the Amy she is used to…that I used to be so “professional” and that I already seem so relaxed. I found that interesting, considering how much more relaxed I had become over the past year or so, but she hadn’t seen me much in over a year.

Talked with Keely tonight. What started out as a disagreement ended with her giving me a hug goodnight and happy that we talked. She is a great kid, and I treasure those times when I can reach through to her. I am learning to let go of the times I can’t and know that overall she is okay, and that those times are normal and expected.

Life is good.


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