Native fare

Decided to have a plant-based meal tonight…rice, lentil and banana squash dish, plus corn on the cob, and my yummy pan-roasted brussels sprouts with cheese. Not bad, actually, and all done within 40 minutes, prep included. Keely and I are watching Food, Inc. in a bit, so glad I didn’t have animal products…minus the butter I guess. Made me look into native Hawaiian foods. I am bringing my juicer and food dehydrator, hoping to take advantage of the local fresh produce. I found an interesting page on Hawaiian Native Food.

On the same site, are some interesting looking little links to places to see on the different islands. It’s a site with paid advertising, but I don’t mind if it’s comprehensive. I won’t have a lot of time, but maybe if I scope out some places first…..or visitors can scope out what they want to see before they visit.

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