Foggy dayZ

Oh, my fuzzy head. Been slacking on the blog, but that’s because I am trying to sell my stuff, pack and move my other stuff, and then I have this party on Saturday, so I need to clean and stuff. Add to that, Keely started middle school yesterday, and right before that, her biological father visited (2nd time in 10 years, and 2nd time in 4 months).

Finally decided to start studying for the boards yesterday, and shortly after I got to the coffee shop, my itchy throat started hurting a bit, and my head got heavy and started hurting too, and then my shoulders and neck started to ache. Add to that the fact that I was shivering, and I realized I had a low-grade fever. Sweet! I never liked milliequivalents, but they looked especially foreign with my eyes hot and teary and popping out of my face. And who stuffed cotton in my skull? I think it got soggy overnight, because my head felt really heavy this morning…

Anyhoo, gotta down some coffee and get chugging.

Check Craigslist for my ALOHA sale. Thanks to Miko for posting it and saving me oodles of time and stress!!


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