Pain in the…

So, I have so much to finish up…and I was kind of on a roll today. I mean, I have to be out by next Monday evening, and my house is still full of stuff…. but then my stomach decided to tie in knots. I was able to curl up on the couch and fall asleep, but then I had to take Keely to her last voice lesson. It’s several hours later, and the pain has not subsided. My bed is covered in clothes, and walking is just too painful. I can’t fall asleep, because my mind is full of what I could be doing. It just hurts too much to stand up. My broken pinky toe doesn’t hurt like this! I keep hoping I can get something done online, since I can sit without crying. Aaaargh! Why now? I don’ t have time to rest.

Glass of wine in hand, hoping it will make me sleepy enough to drift off, …..after I move all of those clothes, or maybe I will just sleep on the couch that I only have 2 more days before it’s toted off to its next owner….sigh.


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