Guardian Angels

I have been completely overwhelmed with selling stuff, trying to pack, hating that all of my stuff is going to Nick’s (he is so awesome for letting us AND our stuff stay with him until we leave), and generally time going by too fast.

I feel I haven’t been selling enough, and my mind has been focused on money and how to get the most of everything I have. I have had people over to look at and buy things. One couple bought my laptop for $100. I had it on when they were here, removed AOL, and when they got it home, they said it didn’t work. They brought it back, and I have tried to recover it, but I am no expert. So, need to return their money.

This morning, a lady came to the house to look at my books. Turns out she buys books to resell, so my prices were too high. BUT, she started telling me places to sell books, and she even had me punch in some ISBNs on to see what they would sell for. Holy cow! While I can’t get alot, it’s nice to know that some of my books will be sold, and at market price. I spent the next 5-6 hours going through all the books I am selling, and I should get some money out of it. Plus, the shipping is free, and most of them reimburse through PayPal. She could have bought some of those books and resold them, but she did the humanitarian thing and helped me to get the most from my items. Now THAT’s a Guardian Angel if I ever knew one.


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