Keeping on track

I haven’t been online much lately. Between packing for storage, shipping and flying, and separating out that to be sold, I have been uber busy. It was important to me to get as much money as possible out of my estate sale, and my friend Miko helped, a LOT. Not to mention my family and Nick, who all came to my rescue. Now, I am at Nick’s place until my pending move to Hawaii. It seems surreal. I haven’t had a date, so I haven’t committed to much other than a place to stay, which will probably be a waste, since I probably won’t leave until late September now.

Now that I am moved out, instead of working or playing, I need to study for the  boards. MAJOR studying. I think I may have some time for exercise, which I haven’t done lately. At all. I am losing weight, but it’s all muscle.

So, my goal is to do well on my boards and get some activity in, while enjoying time with Nick and enduring/laughing at the drama of Keely’s 6th grade class.

All of this stuff means I have gotten off track on my 333 Project. I have taken pics, but I just haven’t made the time to post them…trying to stay offline and focused on my major priorities. I want to get back into that too though, so add that to my daily goal.

Daily activities:

1. Study

2. Exercise

3. 333 project

4. Approach everything and everyone with love

(I had to throw in that last one….it’s so important)


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