My first attempt at this blog entry was lost… so here we go again.

This last weekend, I had a liquidation sale at my place, seriously one of the craziest 3 days of my life. Since I am moving to Hawaii (date still TBD), I can’t take much, and I have a lot of stuff. Make that past tense, thanks to the help of everyone last week. I had a 3 bedroom house full of stuff, as well as a shed packed to the rooftop. The main reasons I had all this stuff: 1) when I divorced, my ex threw everything at me and said, “keep it”; 2) I tend to keep stuff, just in case, and I end up buying things not realizing I already have them; 3) my uncle recently passed away, so I brought home quite a few of his items, as well as my grandmother’s.

The sale went Saturday- Monday, and my plan was to be out of there Monday night so that I could spend the next day with Nick, relaxing. My friend Miko helped me advertise the sale on Craigslist 2 weeks in advance, so I was able to sell a lot of the big items before the sale, thankfully. We did fairly well on Saturday and Sunday, and my niece and nephew came and helped. I got some cute pics of them. The kids were really good at painting signs for the sale, as well as being my security guards while people walked through my home. I really should have gotten pics of the individual rooms. I was worried going into Monday, because I still hadn’t sold my parent’s elliptical or antique oak table, and I hadn’t sold my living room set. Not to mention, there was tons of stuff still in the house. I couldn’t believe how much we had already sold, given that the living room was still full of stuff Monday morning.

Thankfully, my mom showed up out of the blue to help me clean, and my dad showed up later to help with the yard and whatever else needed attention. Nick, of course, was there from the get-go. He was out back weeding (not a small task), and I made sure to bring him water….he looked really good shirtless and sweaty. He was a godsend over the weekend, and he still is….I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I am not asking questions! I had a feeling I wasn’t going to sell alot of the stuff, so I went ahead and ran some errands that afternoon. While I was gone, the guys sold the elliptical AND the living room set! Things started to go really fast at that point, practically giving stuff away, and at the end, we did give things away. They were taking my stuff away, and that was a great thing!

I came away amazed with the people in my life. I knew I couldn’t have done it alone. I never could have moved and sold that much, let alone fixed up the house and yard and been out of there in that amount of time. Miko came into my life at a perfect time, and my parents and Nick helped me without my asking. They knew before I did that I couldn’t do it alone, no matter how much I wanted to believe it. I cried when I thanked my mom and told her that I couldn’t have done it without her, because it’s true. She even brought her own wine, which we drank getto-style out of plastic cups near the end of the whole sale.

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Nick and I still ended up finishing things up the next morning, but we were done by midday, and then it was off to see Ray LaMontagne and David Gray in Santa Fe that night…with sushi beforehand. Again, the timing of everything was perfect. We left much later than we planned for Santa Fe, then we took longer than expected eating and were racing to the show an hour late. We got to our seats at the beginning of Ray’s first song. Turns out the opener had a long set. Now, it doesn’t get better than that!

I couldn’t keep my eyes open that night, nor the previous 2 nights. I was shot. All in all, I made more money than I expected, had more support than I ever could have imagined, and am now concentrating on the next challenge: studying for my boards.

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