Tutus, rain, and eyeshadow

Watched part of a video of Darcey Bussell last night. I bought the DVD in England at the Royal Opera House in 2005, and I was so excited to watch this amazing dancer, but when I got it home, the disc was incompatible with my player. I thought DVDs were universal! Anyhoo, I didn’t think much more of it, but yesterday, it flew out of Keely’s upstairs window, which isn’t a surprise considering the wind was gusting enough to make this 2-story house creak and moan. I rescued it from the rocks and figured I would pop it in my computer. Holy Tutu! I was mesmerized, and it brought back so many sensations. I could watch the movements and feel them in my body, knowing full well I could never do even the most basic things right now…. my body has gone to crap.

I used to be strong and lithe, and I have been completely inactive. I let my core go, and now my lower back hurts all the time. Really, I think that was largely from the major falls I took off my mountain bike, but not using my core doesn’t exactly help. My body is soft, and I don’t like it. I figured I would try it on for a bit, but I am definitely tired of it. I want to rock that hot muscular bod I have always had, darnit! And I want to know that I can go do any sport pretty much anytime, just like I used to.

I was supposed to go hiking with my friend today, but he canceled, so I stayed in and did other things, but in the afternoon, I went for a short run, just a jaunt through the valley. It was like running along the beach, except with overturned, rusted shopping carts and other assorted washed up garbage. I ran from Nick’s house down to my parents’ old house, and then back along the road. It rained on me the whole way back, which was awesome. I LOVE running in the rain. I really needed those endorphins. One day at a time…

Oh, and on another note, my daughter is really nice at night lately. I don’t get it. She hugs me and kisses me and even folded the laundry without fighting tonight. I think a lot of it is because I decided she could use some girlie stuff. So, I took her to Walgreens yesterday for some nail polish and simple makeup (I was tired of catching her getting into mine). She felt so special, and I let her have really any color she wanted. Tomorrow, she will be sporting dark purple nails and just a bit of eye makeup.

On that note, I am thinking I miss being girlie, miss dressing up and getting dolled up on a daily basis. I can imagine my boyfriend would like to see me done up now and then as well, without having to take me out on a date. Gotta drag out some of my cute clothes, perhaps.


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