Appalled with Minis

I love the college of pharmacy I graduated from, and I respect anyone willing to take on the challenge of pharmacy school, but I am APPALLED at the number (and extent) of short skirts in this professional ceremony.

Call me old-fashioned, but I think the standards of professional dress have not changed enough to accept miniskirts as professional dress.


2 thoughts on “Appalled with Minis

  1. I know that you are old fashioned but the girls want to appear hot and they do in their mini skirts. Being a man, I would never support the discouragement of mini skirts.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    • “Being a man”?
      The point is this: There is a time and a place for being overtly sexy. That time is not when you are taking part in a ceremony signifying your entrance into the Professional world of pharmacy.
      Another point you just put to light reflects the sad state of our society, which is a woman is only sexy if she shows her flesh. I think that a woman with brains, stamina and fortitude is miles ahead of the woman insecure enough to feel that she has to subject herself to the wandering eyes and titillating fantasies of shallow men to feel worthy.
      Maybe I am not so much old-fashioned as I am a confident, professional woman with a contemporary view on what it truly means to be a female, outside of the opinions of men such as you.
      Good luck.

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