IE9 Too Slow

I read all kinds of great reviews about IE9, but I installed it this morning, and I am NOT impressed. Switching from tab to tab takes forever, and even my typing is ahead of the cursor. This was not the case yesterday, when I had IE8. It has its own issues, but my main frustration is when things won’t load. Not to mention, IE9 has had to shut down 4 times now.


7 thoughts on “IE9 Too Slow

  1. Nearly one year later and IE is still wierd and buggy
    I hate having to use it (on other peoples machines)

    Internet explorer is still THE browser to mess up displaying pages – it falls at the first hurdle
    Other browsers – firefox,chrome,opera all seem to be able to do this

    Why is IE always the one that doesn’t work properly?
    (also why did i stumble across this page one year later! where was i…..)

  2. This worked for me when I experienced severe slowness after installing IE9. Based on every effort you’ve tried. And in certain cases with some graphics card, you might see webpages scrolling slowly or that some page elements are not drawn correctly. Please try the following steps:

    1. Open Internet Explorer 9, click Tools, select Internet options.
    2. Select Advanced tab, under Accelerated graphics, check the Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering checkbox.
    3. Click OK, restart the Internet Explorer.
    Now check if it works.
    For more information, you can refer to Release Notes for Internet Explorer 9.

  3. Same problem here.
    I’m running Windows 7 (x64) and IE8 (32bit) ran great yesterday.
    Firefox does too and still does.. IE9 (x64) is pretty slow without reason..

  4. It may not be IE9 that has caused the problem – there are probably loads of updates that installed at the same time.
    You may have problems uninstalling IE9 and reverting to IE8
    To see if the problem is IE9 or not try running firefox, or chrome or opera or IE8 if you can get it back
    you may decide to dump IEx rather than trying to fix it
    To be fair to Microsoft IE9 is still (i think) a Beta release and their support pages are good

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