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My daughter and I watched Food, Inc. back in August, and it really hit home for us. This mom really knows how to pick a Friday night movie to watch with her kiddo, huh? Well, I already only ate grass-fed beef, and even then only occasionally, but I decided that I really need to eat local when I can. Luckily, Hawaii has a large movement for local eating. On Twitter, I ran across EdibleHawaiian, SlowFoodUSA, @KulaFields,  and others. My plan is to eat organic, local, fresh food as much as possible. I am bringing my juicer and my food dehydrator with me, so hopefully I can buy extra fruit and such and dry it, or even learn how to dry other things like meats and such if I find a good deal. I don’t want to eat raw, necessarily, but I would like to sprout some of my foods before using them.

Any local foodies out there?


3 thoughts on “Edible

  1. Aloha Amy,
    Mana Foods in Paia is one spot to go to once you arrive. Also check out mauialohaaina.org. It’s run by Vince and Irene Mina who are the all about good organically grown food. They are real neat people too. Lots of good food grown by many local farmers. The various farmer’s markets around the island should get you prety much set. Not too sure how prices will compare to your neck of the woods so that will be something to deal with.
    Hope to meet you after you get here, maybe out on a bike ride?

    • Aloha Walter! Thanks for the info. I will certainly check them out, and I already have the Kihei farmer’s markets in my calendar. I am sure we will meet on a ride. Do you often do the Sunday morning Hana ride?

      • Not too often, usually just head out from home (in Kahului) in the direction that looks best. Need to get out soon as the sun’s up and it’s looking like a fantastic Maui kind of day. Aloha.

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