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I will be moving to Maui with no furniture and essentially no money until my first paycheck, most of which will go to bills. So, I thought I would look at ways to live simply. I am thinking monk simple, uber cheap, like sitting on pillows, just not sure which pillows are best for sitting on.  Well, I checked out a couple sites and was gravely disappointed. First off, had an article telling one to….

‘Begin by making a budget which covers all of your fixed expenses, such as food, clothing, utilities and shelter. Once you’ve covered the essentials, make entries for non-essential expenses, such as manicures, salon visits, a gym membership or the like.’

MANICURES?! That is not living frugally. Doing your own or not at all is frugal. So, they listed The Tightwad Times, which I thought might be more up my alley. Nope. It’s just a bunch of ads for free samples of crap I would never want or use. One of  the problems with society is that we fill our lives with meaningless items. Then we spend oodles of time and money trying to figure out how to deal with it. Now, below you will find some articles that may actually prove useful. I especially like the Best-Kept Secret….


4 thoughts on “Frugal living

  1. You might also like the site, “Rowdy Kittens”

    We did the same thing when we moved to Hawaii 8 years ago. We brought with us on the plane: 2 suitcases each, our computers, our bikes, and our dog. That was it! We slept on the floor for several weeks and slowly purchased furniture that perfectly suit our needs. We own a small house but still have a fraction of the “stuff” that our friends do. It’s a great feeling to dump all the stuff you think you need and start over with nothing.

    The other thing is that most small Hawaiian homes don’t have a lot of storage. And we spend a lot more time outside and at the beach. So it’s easy to not acquire all the junk that most people do on the Mainland.

    Now we’re planning our move to Maui and are reducing even further. It feels great to be so “light” and free from all the stuff that advertising and the consumer culture says you need.

    • Thanks Shane! It is liberating indeed, and being broke helps me to not acquire anything. I would like to add that I am sooooo excited you are coming to Maui!! How funny life is, no?

  2. You can buy some comfortable lawn chairs and buying good air mattresses until you can afford beds.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

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