Okay, more weird dreaming. I don’t know if it’s all that’s going on, but here we go. I was a new waitress in a large, but antiquated diner. Now, I have waited tables before, and I was efficient, but I could not get anything right at this place. I kept forgetting to get things to people, and then I would spill drinks on the way to the table, or on the table, thus creating more work and putting me more behind. When I got back to the counter, noone was expediting, and instead they were all chatting. I guess the new girl was supposed to run the place on her own…anyway, I remembered that I had to take my boards later, so I went to the manager to let her know that I shouldn’t have agreed to train today, because I had to take my boards, and I was frazzled already. She was oblivious to the implications of the exam I had to take. Then, it was 1.5 hours before the exam all of a sudden, and my heart was racing, and I kept running through all the things I studied yesterday in ID. I couldn’t believe how wrecked I was mentally.

I am guessing I feel under prepared, and there is a lot relying on me passing this exam. My original test date was supposed to be today also, so perhaps I was feeling like I had to take it today. I am taking my practice exam today, so let’s hope for the best. I am hoping it will help me hone in over the next couple of days. NAPLEX on Friday!


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