202/333- FTE Girl Style

My daughter and I shared a FTE (First Time Experience) last night. We shaved her legs.

My daughter is nearly 12, and she has mentioned shaving her legs, but we just haven’t done it. I didn’t trust her with a razor at first, but a few recent things made me get on the task of showing her how to do it. Her (ex) stepdad recently texted me regarding her legs, and I got the gist that he had referred to them as looking like a woolly mammoth’s….to her face! I told him to be more sensitive, that she is at a tender age when it comes to her body…not sure if it stuck or not.

Yesterday, I let her stay at the school volleyball game, and when I came to pick her up, I got a taste of what the middle schoolers are like. I can’t remember if 6th grade was the same for me. Every girl there had perfectly smooth legs, and turns out when I sat down next to her, I had taken the seat of a boy from her first period class.  When he showed up, I realized I might be cramping her style, so I moved back a bench and watched what happened. He invited her to go swimming that night, but it didn’t happen. I came to terms with the fact that she is growing up, so on the way home,I got her a Venus razor, some shaving gel, and before bed, we shaved those hairy legs. BTW, the Venus razor with the 5 blades is amazing! Just glides right over your skin, so good for a beginner like her.

I tried to explain to Nick that it was like the first time a guy shaves, but I am not sure he was convinced. She was so excited, she painted her toes this morning before going to school. It’s weird watching her grow up, but it’s also fun.


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