Re: my 333 Project

When I originally decided to do my 333 project, I wanted to make it more flexible, so that I could write about anything relating to my theme, as well as take pictures. Somehow, I fell into thinking that I needed to take pictures. I know a few people doing a 365 project, and their stuff is awesome. I have fallen behind on my project with all that is going on. It just wasn’t a huge priority, and I don’t usually have my camera with me. Oh, and it was MIA for a while after the butterfly incident. So, I experienced some wonderful things, no camera involved, that fit my theme, and I want to share those.

So, from here on out, my 333 project posts will be anything relating to the numbers 3, 6 or 9, or relating to the meaning of those numbers in numerology. In short, 3 is a birth or beginning, 6 is the number of love, and 9 is the number of death, or endings. Nice little triad there.


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