Cost prohibitive

Getting ready to hit the road tomorrow with my personal items and car in tow. Trying to figure out how I am going to make it until my first paycheck. Without divulging my actual monies, I can say that shipping my car and items will cost me a minimum of $2500. I am towing my car with my dad’s van out to the coast to save money, so I shelled out $200 for a tow dolly for my car, plus I have the gas and a night or two in a hotel, plus food for Nick and I. (BTW- I don’t think I can ever repay him for all he has done for me, but if I get the chance, I will.)

Rent is not cheap, I won’t have any furnishings, gas is a full dollar more per gallon, electric is insanely expensive, shipping anything there is expensive (eg. my air mattresses cost me $2 to ship in the US, or almost $15 to ship to Hawaii), and food is ridiculous.

My goal is to be frugal in every sense of the word. Recycle everything, don’t buy things that don’t have more than one use, walk or ride my bike when I can, eat locally, stock up, dehydrate my food, etc, etc. It’s a way of living that I have been wanting and needing, but now it’s absolutely necessary.

This also means no beer or wine. Oh my.

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