HI Life -Day 1

Having a hard time writing this, as I am sitting on the bed loaned to me…I don’t have a chair in the house. Oops. Oh, and my lower back is killing me. Second day in Hawaii, and it’s been like a roller coaster. My first day was mostly miserable, for several reasons. I woke up and really hadn’t finished the last of my packing enough. With the addition of the air mattresses and Keely’s radio, there wasn’t enough room for all the little things that I neglected to account for. I was stressing, and Keely’s room was awful. We had laundry that was done I had forgotten about, and to top it off Keely was being her most charming self (said with absolute sarcasm and a hint of seething anger). All I wanted was to get it done efficiently and enjoy a cup of coffee with Nick. NOPE. We ended up rushing out the door after loading the suitcases, and I had a feeling like we were missing a bag, but the back of his truck was full. How could we miss something that big?

We made it to the airport at the anticipated time, and I found a nice guy to help me wheel everything in. That’s when I realized that I was missing a bag…the one with our air mattresses that was the last in Keely’s room. I was so flustered that I had neglected to do that one last run through the house, and Keely was last out of the room without a clue. I felt awful, but I asked Nick to go back and get it. I had just enough time. Guilt is consuming me by this point, and all I can think of is how mortified I am that I left stuff out at Nick’s place, was stressed out my last morning (when I had time to do it beforehand, but I was in total denial), and that instead of relaxing with him, he was running back to fix my mistake.

Well, I had 5 bags to check, and several of them were over weight. The charges were adding up, but when I told the lady helping me that I was moving, and she saw how stressed I was about that and the missing bag, she just checked all 5 bags and charged me the normal rate. The first 4 went on the flight while I waited for the 5th. When Nick showed up, I had to jet, but I made sure to get in a strong hug and kiss. I am head over heels in love with that man, and tickled pink about it….except for the fact that I am 9 hours by air away.

I rushed the bag to the counter, then hussled upstairs. We made it through security, onto the itty-bitty plane to Phoenix, made it half-way across Phoenix from the B gates to A gates (anyone who has connected in Phoenix would understand), got a coffee and rest, then boarded and had an uneventful flight into Maui. We watched “Grownups” and “Marmaduke”, both cute movies.

Uneventful getting off, rented 2 suitcase carts (thank GAWD for those things!!!). On the way there, we were greeted by a pretty native girl with our names on a sign and an armful of leis. Yes, Keely’s biological father had asked for our arrival time so that Keely could be properly lei’d. I got one too, but it was a nice and unexpected touch. We got all of the bags loaded, then skipped over to get the rental car. Trying to get all of those bags onto the shuttle to Budget was interesting, and several people kept trying to push past me, but I had to get everything onto one bus, so I was a tad pushy. I was there before all of them, after all….. and I was at the final step before I could stop lugging those danged things around!!!

When we got to Budget, the guy said that a mid-size car might not fit all of our luggage, and that he would give us a 50% discount on an upgrade. I know my car is in port already, so I know that I won’t have the vehicle long. He assured me that he would hook me up, and he did. A Chevy Traverse is quite the vehicle! Video backup, dual sunroof with screen, built in phone answering, DVD player, leather seats, etc, etc. It’s nice after all of the stress that day…..which wasn’t over.

We found the house I am staying at, and turns out the landlord left it open for us, with the keys and the garage door opener on the kitchen counter. This is how Hawaii works, especially Maui. He had put a bed in the master bedroom, which I am absolutely in love with (the room, not the bed). The other 2 upstairs bedrooms are small and carpeted, and we realized the 4th bedroom is a studio occupied by an old man we have yet to meet. More on that later. Grrrrr. I didn’t feel like going back to Kahului to find Wal-Mart, so I took Keely down to the beach so she could dip her toes in for the first time before the sun set. I ended up getting some great photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We then had dinner at Wok Star, which delivers really great, fresh food, and plenty of it, for a reasonable cost. Plus, you get to sit outside and watch people from the beach and skate park and bars go by, quite a few of them half-clad (which is usually not the best thing). After dinner, everything went downhill. Keely reminded me that we needed to get a pump for the air mattress, so I decided to find the Wal-Mart, which I only knew was in Kahului. Her attitude grew and virtually seeped out of her clenched teeth and rolling eyes. Sometimes, I think she is possessed. She pushed every button I had, and once we finally made it to Wal-Mart, I was about ready to throw her on top of the car so that I wouldn’t have to listen to her. I had it with her attitude and whining, so I told her she could put her own bed together, that I had enough to do already. It was 9pm’ish when we got in, which was about 1am to our bodies. I wasn’t tired, but once she got her bed inflated and made, she crashed…HARD. I finally threw in the towel around 11pm. I don’t think I moved the whole night.


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