HI Life- Days 4 and 5

**Disclaimer: I started this blog yesterday, but I got tired, so I put it off. Hence, two days!

Day 4:

Boy, is it nice to have a shower in the evening! Soooo muggy today. Big day! I woke up at 5:30, got Keely to school by 7:30, got the obligatory coffee (because I didn’t have a pot to boil water in), then came back to meet the guy who delivered my goods. What a cool contraption he had! Everything looked mostly okay, except for a squished bin, which only had soft stuff anyway. Then, went to drop off my rental and go to the airport so Sheena could get me to the port to get my car, which was fine, other than dirty. Oh, and my brakes are fluttering/stuttering..not sure how to describe it. Then, Sheena and I went to Costco. I got my picture for my membership card, and I look like I am missing an eye. Eerie. Dropped by a farmer’s market in the Kmart parking lot behind Costco and got my first Okinawan sweet potato (they are purple inside!). I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. I jetted off to pick up Keely from school at 1:45. Yep, short days here in Hawaii! She said she wanted to be in the Hula class, which was that day. The teacher was really cool and greeted me warmly with “E komo mai” (welcome). Keely picked out a Pa-u (pronounced PAW-oo), and she spent an hour learning traditional hula dance, complete with chants and drums. Turns out, they meet most of the year, and they might even get to go to Oahu at the end of the year. Keely has to get her own Pa-u, which will be fun. And the class is only $5 a month! While she was dancing, I walked to the community/aquatic center up the block. Turns out they have a kids’ swim team that meets every weeknight. Score!! Keely and I ran back home after her class to unload some things and meet the landlord at 4pm, then headed back to the aquatic center around 4:45 to meet the coach. She could start the next day, 2 weeks free! Oh, just as my landlord showed up, a truck with a freezer in the back pulled into the driveway, and a large Hawaiian guy came out. He was selling meat from the island, supposedly grass fed, organic, the whole bit. He was a good salesman, so I bought enough meat to probably feed us for a year. Maybe not that long, but it’s a lot of meat.

Someone was looking at the house at 5pm (the house I am renting is on the market), so Keely and I stopped by the beach on the way home to watch the sunset, which happens about 5:55pm. Well, I went off to one end of the beach, and Keely stayed where she was. I told her to roll up her jeans so they didn’t get wet and sandy. After a while, I noticed her going a bit too far out, but I couldn’t yell loud enough for her to hear, so I hoped for the best. Next thing, I see her sit right into the water, in all of her clothes. I was furious!! Anyone who has dealt with wet sand and a detailed car would understand my frustration. I told her to walk home and wait outside for me if she got there first. I made it up to the house after talking with Nick for a bit, and the realtor had let her in the house. OMG. Total disaster..mud and sand everywhere. Then, she proceeded to mention that her phone “might have been in her pocket” when she sat down. Yep, she ruined her third phone in less than 2 years. Then, she proceeded to have a meltdown. Seems that some of the numbers in the phone were all the info she had on certain friends. She was so upset, that she broke down and said that she wanted to go home. I knew it was just a big day, she was tired, and it was settling in that we were here to stay, since a lot of our stuff was out of boxes. I proceeded to make dinner, figuring a homecooked meal would help, and it did. Oh, and the chicken from the meat guy was awesome!  I told her the usual, that change isn’t easy, but it’s good for us. Big day for her!

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Day 5:

I had unpacked my pillows, my wonderful, fluffy down pillows, and slept for the first time since I got here on something more than a folded pillowcase (ie. nothing). I think that’s why I didn’t want to get up. After taking Keely to her 2nd day at Lokelani, I went for a run, and OMG, was it muggy! I was dripping off of my fingertips, into my eyes…everywhere. I really need to get back into this. Afterward, I unpacked some more, making sure to put aside some of Keely’s things that were familiar and might help her transition. She got out at 1pm today ( I know, crazy weird times), so I took her home to do her homework, and I went to the beach to get some swimming and tanning in. I still have a bike short tan to get rid of. What a beautiful, lazy time! After lazing around in the waves, I laid out…30 minutes each side. I am too pale to not watch the clock when laying out. Then, back out to the water. I swam further out this time, trying to get a bit of a workout in my arms, and treading water for a good while.  The water was choppy from the wind, which made it more fun to bob around and try and catch a wave here and there. I stopped and stood at one point, looked far off into the distance, and I swear I saw a dolphin jump. It was really far away, but there was air between the water and the arched shape. It was so far off, it was hard to tell, but I hear that dolphins can be seen jumping around this area about now.

BTW, I am writing this standing up in the kitchen. I still don’t have a chair anywhere in the house. I never realized how incredibly useful those are!!

Twas a beautiful time, but I had things to do. I came home and showered and took Keely to the supermarket. I figured we needed more than just the onion that was in last night’s dinner for vegetables. HOLY COW! I knew food was expensive here, but even the non-organic stuff is horrendous.  A dozen eggs from the islands, organic ( but not necessarily free from hormones or antibiotics) was $8.99. All salad dressings, save the Kraft, were minimum of $5 each. Carrots were $3.50 a bag (2 lbs), and small bags of lettuce were $5.50. Everything was pretty much twice the cost of food in New Mexico. It’s a wonder that people can get fat here. I figure that must be part of the reason they love Spam. For a small price, you can get enough calories to last you 2 days. Keely had a good swimming lesson, which ended after dark, and then I made a great dish of beans and rice, with a tad of cheese, and a salad to start. Tomorrow, we are going to try Luau leaf and Okinawa sweet potato. Wish us luck!

Oh, at some point today, I got a letter from the Hawaii Licensing Branch….I knew it was test results, and I didn’t open it at first, but I finally broke down and opened it very slowly, holding my breath. The final unfolding would reveal whether I passed or not, and I even held it up to the light to see if I could read it through there first. Silly, but this is big stuff! Well, I passed…not by a lot, but I passed the MPJE. I am still waiting to hear on the NAPLEX. Here’s to hoping I will be licensed soon!


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