Purple Haze

***Again, this post was started the day of the event, but I passed out before finishing, practically on the computer

The first half of the day was spent at the Lavender Festival up in Kula. What an amazing place! It’s a beautiful oasis on the side of the mountain, with some of the most unique plants I have ever seen. Some were unique already, but then you realize that there are up to 3 or 4 stages some go through, and I can’t tell how some get from one stage to the next. We saw what looked like a black rose, but really was closer related to jade plant. Keely also spotted a dead chameleon, hanging from its tail in a tree. I don’t know how she spotted it, nor how it died while hanging there.

There were several classic cars there. I had to take a picture of the gold corvette, since my dad used to sell corvettes. Plus, there were 2 orange classic trucks, and my dad’s favorite color is orange. That is probably part of the reason that my first vehicle was almost a bright orange classic pick-up truck with a beautifully crafted (by my dad) wooden bed. I decided I wanted something newer, so I got a Ford Tempo that would stall in intersections. It had power-steering though, better for what were then wimpy arms.

There was a neat little petting corral, but all of miniature horses. They even had a very special mini-mini horse named Bubba. He had been inbred, so he was very small. He was born with a severe underbite, and he walked on the sides of his hooves, so he had special shoes made for him. Very cute.

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