Good stuff

Highlights of the past couple of days:

  1. Finding out Keely is making 100% or better in every class in school. I think it’s time to skip her a grade.
  2. Seeing Keely light up after swimming each night
  3. Keely telling me to lie down and rest when I didn’t feel good tonight. Then she came and stroked my hair and kissed my head. Very rare from a  12-year-old!
  4. Buying my first chairs, finally, from Salvation Army tonight.
  5. While trying to figure out if the dresser I was buying would fit in my car, my landlord showed up in the parking lot, and offered to take everything to the house for me! How random and fortunate was that?
  6. Talking with Les, the owner of the community pharmacy we are working at, and hashing out ideas, goals, plans.
  7. Finally running in the morning.
  8. Getting a midday call from Nick.
  9. Watching the lizards visit our windows each night, hopefully eating lots of bugs.
  10. My amazing beach/ocean experience tonight.


  1. Finding a lizard tonight INSIDE the house.
  2. Constant reminders that I chafed my inner thighs on my run this morning.

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