Hana with Hannah

Flew to Hana yesterday for a talk to seniors and their caregivers about high-risk medications. I would have taken more pictures, but my battery on my camera was dying. It was an interesting day. We were supposed to check in an hour early, and check-in was by phone at the front desk. Noone was there. The pilot showed up just before the flight, introduced himself, looked at our ID’s and asked our weights, and that was it. We never had to go through any type of security. We had the plane to ourselves, and the weather was awful, so we were told he might have to turn around. But, it was a 15-minute flight, so how bad could it be? It ended up being better than I thought.  In fact, I found myself mesmerized by the patterns of the wind and waves on the water, for as far as you could see. The ocean was like a mobile landscape.

The airport was simply a building, and I think it was open. There were 2 bathrooms, and some seats. When I used the bathroom and went to wash my hands, a little white lizard skittered over the soap dispenser. When I was leaving, it jumped and flipped, almost like it was telling me to go away and not come back! Kinda cute actually. There was also one of those cool St. Andrew’s Cross Spiders. A fourth-year student from the University of Hawaii at Hilo named Hannah picked us up.

We finished early, and the pilot had no other flights, so we stood around and chatted for 3 hours, waiting out the time and the weather. We ended up talking with this neat guy Hans, who started flying glider planes at the age of 14 in Holland, where the government trained teens because they needed more pilots. You could fly a fighter plane (16 yo) before you could drive out there (18 yo).

Below are some pictures of the day….

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