Neverending poverty

So, getting my first paycheck in months soon. I have been excited about making money, since I haven’t had income for several months now, and the move to Maui was horrendously expensive, not to mention the cost of EVERYTHING here. I figure I will be playing catch up the entire year.

I thought I would be okay, since I don’t make a pharmacist’s salary yet, and I can claim 6 exemptions. They STILL took 20% of my paycheck! I seriously don’t know how I am going to be able to survive this year financially. And I seriously doubt ever having any financial freedom. Even when I am making a “real” salary, they will tax the crap out of my pay, and then the student loan payments will suck the rest. By that time, Keely will be close to driving, and so she will suck the last dime out of me. If this is real life, I would like a relocation, please.


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