• Dressing nice, and being able to fit into my dresses still
  • A full rainbow on the way to work this morning
  • Wearing my special shell necklace and earrings I bought in Hawai’i in 2006
  • Good lunch meeting with Sheena, our director, and a wonderful lady from University of Hawai’i, who happens to be very good at grant writing
  • Running at night, despite initial difficulty
  • Finding a place that sells decent beers, including some Rogue and Chimay Blue even! I bought the Coconut Porter I keep hearing about, and it was pretty good. My first alcoholic purchase since arriving here 3 weeks ago, minus a couple of drinks at functions
  • Watching a gecko on my bathroom window very slowly swallow a giant moth
  • Doing some yoga after my run and feeling my back ease up a bit


  • Finding a giant cockroach on my floor this morning, seemingly dead
  • Coming home and finding that the cockroach had somehow moved
  • Having a hard time breathing all day. I am thinking I really need to see a doctor and get some pulmonary function tests. I probably need to be using inhaled corticosteroids. Ugh.

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